Combination Whirlpool / Air Massage

Nothing you’ve ever experienced can match the sensation of air and water working together to remove tension and stress from your body. Powerful water jets target your stress zones, causing your worries to bubble away. Meanwhile, soothing air jets pulse over your body, erasing any memory of aches, pain or anxiety that you’re feeling. It’s time you unburdened yourself with one of our Combo Massage baths.

Whirlpool Massage

Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest forms of rejuvenation, and for good reason: you won’t believe how relaxed and at ease you can feel until you’ve experienced one of our Whirlpool Massage Series bathtubs. Powerful water jets soothe your tired body, whisking away the worries and cares of the day. You’ve never known just how good you can feel until you’ve enjoyed one of our Whirlpool Massage Series tubs.

Air Massage

The first time you feel the air bubbles hitting your tired, weary body, you’ll get it. Air massage is one of the most powerful and restorative forms of rejuvenation in existence, and now you can harness that power in the comfort of your own home with our Air Massage Series whirlpools. Fatigue, stress, aches and pains – make them all a thing of the past thanks to the ultimate in relaxation.

Soothing Soaker Tubs

Our one and two person Soothing Soaker tubs allow you to experience the type of true relaxation that comes with warm water gently circulating around your body. Which soothes your mind, bringing you peace and inner calm.